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Pet Damage Repairs

Carpet Repairs

Accidents happen and carpet gets damaged. But that dose not mean you have to live with it or spend lots of money replacing the carpet. We can fix it! just call the professional carpet repair team at Premium Carpet Repair & Cleaning.

Carpet Stretching

How to save a small fortune

Do you have an unsightly stain, frayed or torn carpet? Did you think the only way to get rid of these “problem areas” were to hide it or replace the whole rooms carpet. Well we know accidents happen and you don’t have to live with that ugly daily reminder. We can make it go away like it never happened. We provide a number of carpet care services here at Premium Carpet Repair & Cleaning.

Wondering what to do with a hole or burns in your carpet? Distressed at the number of claw marks near your door where Max tried to claw his way out? Have a large spot on the carpet that you don't know how to hide? We can solve all of these problems and more!

Call the professional carpet repair team at Premium Carpet Repair & Cleaning we can meet any carpet repair challenge. We can repair, stretch and restore your carpet to look like new. Is your carpet loose and have ripples that have appeared after years of wear and tear? We can use our state of the art power stretcher to stretch your carpet and flatten those ripples to bring it back to drum tight which is industry standard.

Call us for carpet and other home restorations services after water or flood damage. You'll find that our carpet restoration and care services are much more affordable, than replacing your carpet.

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Carpet Cleaning

You’ve got your brand-new carpet freshly laid out, stretched tight, and ready to give you years of pleasure. However, you haven’t accounted for the kind of damage that Fido and Max can inflict on your carpet. Pets account for some of the most serious types of damage that carpet can take.

You're just trying to watch your favorite show but you're sneezing your head off and your eyes are itching and watering you can't even see the TV. You chalk it up to allergy season but what it could be is that your carpets need cleaning.

Your carpet can last for many years, but the appearance of your carpet can become progressively worse over time. Wrinkles, folds and bumps can appear when you drag furniture over your carpet or even during daily use when people walk on your carpet.

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