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Carpet Stretching

Your carpet can last for many years, but the appearance of your carpet can become progressively worse over time. Wrinkles, folds and bumps can appear when you drag furniture over your carpet or even during daily use when people walk on your carpet. The damage can be even more pronounced in those sections that have been placed in very heavily-trafficked areas like hallways or foyers.

Those carpet wrinkles can be quite stubborn. What you need is carpet re-stretching to get the carpet  taut,  and Ripple Free, just like it was when you first installed it.

Unfortunately, many carpet installation companies only make use of knee kickers at the time of installation.  However, knee kickers don’t do an adequate job of stretching the carpet as tight as it needs to be. In order to make sure that the carpet is tight, you need to get the carpet stretched  with a power stretcher. Not every so-called “professional” installation company uses a Power stretcher.  As a result, your new carpet can begin to look used, worn out, and creased in no time at all.

As an owner, you also have a responsibility to keep your carpet looking brand-new, and smooth. Make sure that the air-conditioning is set to the right temperature for your carpet. Humidity and high temperatures can cause heat build-up inside your home, and cause damage to the carpet. The risk of a wrinkled carpet is even higher during the summer months when you go on vacation, and leave your carpets in a hot or humid  environment.
If you find that your wrinkled and creased carpets are becoming a total eyesore, call us. We will arrive at your place with state-of-the-art equipment that is designed specifically to stretch your carpet the right way. Carpet Re-stretching is our specialty here at Premium Carpet Repair & Cleaning.

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