Berber carpets are loop pile construction carpets. They are preferred for their durability. They are especially suitable for those areas in your home that see heavy traffic, and are especially widely preferred as commercial carpets.

 These carpets are woven using a single individual strand of carpet fiber, compared to other types of carpet like pile carpets, that typically include individual yarn. The construction does make it more durable and more resilient, but it also leaves the carpet exposed to the risk of unraveling. A single snag on a Berber carpet can cause it to unravel and become loose. The process of unraveling is very similar to the one that Is seen when a sweater becomes snagged and begins unraveling. As the yarn begins to unravel, your carpet can become exposed in various sections, exposing bare carpet that looks ugly, and poses serious trip risks.  Your Berber carpet can become damaged when your pet’s claws become caught or snagged it, or even when you use your vacuum cleaner.

If your Berber carpet has sustained damage, it is important to call in professionals immediately. Unlike other types of carpet, it takes state-of-the-art technical expertise and tools to repair a Berber carpet. The carpet professionals at Premium Carpet Repair will arrive at your residence with the tools necessary to repair your Berber carpet.

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