You just brought home your brand-new puppy but haven’t accounted for the kind of damage that Fido can inflict on your carpet. Pets account for some of the most serious damage that carpets can take.

Almost every American household will have a pet that is part of the family. Your pet can cause as much damage to your carpets as a child can. Cats scratch out carpets, while dogs can chew through the carpet, carpet padding, and carpet ends, especially near the transition areas, as they attempt to claw their way out of the room. Not to mention dog and cat hair can change the appearance of your carpet.

We can repair the pet damage in a few ways. If it's not so bad we can use our power stretcher to stretch the carpet up so we can cut the bad area off and tuck it up nice and tight. If it is bad we will have to cut it out and use an extra piece of carpet or a piece from the closet to insert a permanently bonded patch.

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Pet Damage Repairs


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